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E McNeill

Get Into The Action

Ironlights is a VR dueling game with skillful, fluid, slow-motion melee combat. Test your skills in multiplayer battles, or fight to the top of the league in the huge single-player campaign!

Register for the event at valvr.com

Event Prize Pool

$500 VAL Summit Tournament

The top 16 finalists will be eligible to compete in the $500 VAL Summit Tournament on 9/12 @ 12PM EST

Prize Pool Details

- The prizes will be delivered via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App (recipient's preference).

- E McNeill will deliver prizes within 7 days of receiving the necessary information from the winners.

- The winners can send their information (and support queries) to e@emcneill.com. VAL will not be held responsible for distribution of prize pool.

Event Rules

Welcome to our VAL Summit Qualifier taking place on August 29th at 12PM EST

By signing up, you are agreeing to the following

Rules of Engagement

1) All matches will be a best of 3.

2) The tournament will be single elimination.

3) You will have 15 minutes from your match being announced to initiate your match - if you are unreachable you will be disqualified.

4) Matches must not exceed 20 minutes once started.

5) For your first round of 3 there are no bans. After the first round, the loser of the previous round can choose a class to ban for their opponent. Bans continue in this fashion until one person has won best of 3.

6) If your match is affected by bugs, exploits, cheating, or network issues, play to the best of your ability, save the replay, and tell the tournament organizer about it. We might call for a rematch, or we might grant the victory to either player. Our word is final. We’ll try our best to be fair, clear, and consistent, but even if you disagree with us, you agree to respect and abide by our decisions. 

7) You agree to accept both victory and defeat with grace and sportsmanship. If you lose, it’s best to congratulate your opponent, and remind yourself that you’ll get another chance to compete soon! If you win, you should be proud, but also kind and considerate toward others.

8) You agree to allow us to record your fights and to use recordings of your fights for promotional or other purposes. We’d like to stream the fights when we can, and we hope people will be sharing GIFs and videos of their fights as well!

We will provide you with a code that you will use to join a private match with your opponent. Discussing bans and communicating with the tournament organizers will require coordination in discord. 

Time reference



- Check your battery levels on your controllers between fights, and if you’re on a Quest, be sure that you plug it in when you’re not using it!

- Save replays for every fight. They might be necessary in case we need to review the match, and hey, maybe you’ll want to see how you played later!

- Be prompt. Do your best to ensure that you’re ready for your matches on time, so the tournament doesn’t fall behind schedule.

Sign ups will be accepted until 1 hour before tournament start.

You will be expected to be there 15 minutes before the tournament starts for check in - if you are not checked in by the time the tournament starts, you will be removed from the tournament.

Any questions or disputes can be brought up in the Discord by contacting @Proximo or posting in the #tournament-questions channel!