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Inspired by Tiger Woods for Xbox and Mario Golf, Pro Putt is the most fun you'll have with a putter in your hand! Whether you’re out to post a course record, playing a relaxing round with a friend, sinking shots in the Topgolf Putt Lounge, or in a heated head-to-head battle with the best in the game, Pro Putt gives you endless reasons to celebrate!

Register for the event at valvr.com

Event Prize Pool

The Grand Finals Prize breakdown is as follows: 

  • 1st Prize: USD $3,000
  • 2nd Prize: USD $1,250
  • 3rd Prize: USD 500
  • 4th Prize: USD 250
Prize Pool Details
Open Qualifiers: August 17, 12:01 AM - August 23, 11:59 PM EST US
Round of 16: August 24-30 (Time TBD)
Finals: September 3-6 (Time TBD)

Event Rules

Rules Summary

Open Qualifiers

Participants will have a week to post their lowest round scores on any of the 4 courses in Stroke Play on Pro mode. The top 4 players from each course, Beach, Desert, Forest, and Peaks, will qualify for the round of 16. The seeding for the top 16 players will be randomized.

Road to Finals

The top 16 participants will compete in a match-play bracket style tournament with single-elimination. The players who make it to the final four will go on to the finals to compete for the cash prizes. The bracket will be reseeded between the round of 16 and the 4 finalists.


There will be a total of 4 matches played during the finals.  The first two matches will determine who moves on to the Championship Match. The other 2 players will play for 3rd and 4th place. The courses for the final 4 games will be announced to the participants when the brackets are determined.

Participant Guide

General Guidelines

  • Players must be at least 13 years of age, or older, to participate. If they are under 18, but over 13, they must have permission from a parent, or legal guardian, to participate in this event. If a participant who requires parental or guardian permission wins a prize, that prize will be instead paid to the parent or guardian whose permission was granted to participate in the tournament. 
  • Before signing up for the Pro Putt Tournament, every participant and arcade owner/host is requested to create a VAL account, which can be made here: https://www.valvr.com Registration on the VAL website means that you also agree to these rules and the terms of service.
    (Ensure you create the correct type of account - arcade or participant. If you are both, register as an arcade.)
  • Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Pro Putt on your platform.
  • As Windows updates have created VR issues in the past, we HIGHLY recommend you halt automatic Windows/driver updates during the competition period to avoid this inconvenience. (optional)
  • Players are required to keep all In-Game Names or aliases appropriate. (ie. NO racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, political, or offensive naming, etc.) This will be a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy and is at the sole discretion of VAL.
  • All score submissions, screenshots, player submitted photos, related to the Pro Putt Tournament become the property of VAL and Golf Scope Inc. and may be used for marketing and other purposes.  If players or arcades share broadcast material such as twitch streams, tournament photos, tournament videos, etc with VAL, VAL, and/or Golf Scope Inc. reserve the right to use these in a marketing context.
  • VAL reserves the right to change, alter, replace, or modify this rule set at any time, and without prior notification.
  • Virtual Reality esports can be an intense physical experience.  Do not enter the competition without following all terms of service, guardian warnings, and other safety measures as outlined in the individual device warnings and manufacturers.  Competitors who are not able to participate in robust physical exercise should not enter the competition.  VR esports is a fun activity, exercise the same caution as regular sports.
  • VAL is not responsible for any injury incurred while participating in the Pro Putt Tournament.


Prize Breakdown

  • VAL will be responsible for the notification and payment of prizing unless otherwise stated specifically.
  • Prizes will be paid out via PayPal, and all winners may be issued a 1099 and additional paperwork, as required by applicable law.  Alternatively, players may request a check sent via mail.  No other payment methods will be used by VAL.
  • VAL may request additional score verification if an outcome is in doubt and will be the sole judge of the final placement of prizes.
  • VAL may require additional identity verification - basic photo ID will be required of all winners before any prize money is disbursed.
  • VAL reserves the right to deny payment, ask for prize money repayment, or otherwise pursue disciplinary action against players and/or arcades who violate (but not limited to) such things as player safety, discrimination, cheating, etc.
  • VAL is responsible for ensuring that the Tournament, and all advertising for the Tournament, comply with all international, federal, state, and local laws, rules, orders, and regulations.
  • Players must also respect any applicable laws and tax regulations related to prize money and entering into the contest.
  • Once scores and information have been reviewed and verified, VAL will have 30 days to notify and deliver prize money payout to contestants. 

Start Date: August 17, 2020

Signup Link: VRFitSummit.com

Competitive Rules

  • Qualifiers: Open qualifiers for 2 consecutive weeks. Scores collected 00:01 GMT -5. Week 1: August 17-23 Participants will compete in “stroke play” aiming to achieve the lowest number of strokes possible. The top players from week 1 will be advancing to the round of 16, the top 16 players will be determined by the top 4 players from each map at the end of the scoring period.
    • If you qualify on more than one course, the course score with the highest ‘total feet of putts’ will count. Your name will be removed from the other course leaderboards and players will be moved up in their rank for that course.
  •  Week 2: August 24-30: the top 16 (as selected above) will participate in a bracketed match play competition. The top 4 Players (with places 5-8 to be used as potential alternates) will go through to the Finals. Finals Broadcast: September 3rd- 6th, 2020.
    • The seeding of alternates will be randomly selected from the pool of alternates at the time of necessity. I.E. A player makes it to the final 8 but loses, if one of the finalists is absent there is a 25% chance of them being selected to play in that finalist’s place.
    • All top 4 players and alternates will be expected to participate in a 30-minute interview with the development team of Pro Putt within 3 days of the broadcasted finals, as well as be available for any dress rehearsals or pre-broadcast checklists for streaming production.
    • All finalists will be expected to send a confirmation message 2 hours before the beginning of the broadcast, and be available and ready to compete 1 hour before the competition.
      • In the event of a finalist not making contact with the broadcast team 2 hours before the broadcast starts, they will then have 30 minutes to make contact with the broadcast team before an alternate is chosen to take their spot.
      • e.g. I come in 4th and will be in the finals If the broadcast starts at 2 pm. I have to send a message to VAL / Pro Putt that I am still available and that nothing major has occurred by Noon, I am then expected to be in my playspace by 1 PM. If I fail to send the message by 12:30 an alternate will be selected to take my spot.
  • Leaderboards reset at 11:59 Central Time Sunday nights (GMT -5).
  • The burden of proof for qualifiers is on the players, the top 16 players are required to store data surrounding final positions for each game.
  • All qualifying and competition rounds either in Stroke Play and/or Match Play will be played under Pro Difficulty within Pro Putt.
  • Players may attempt each course during the Stroke Play portion of qualifying as many times as they wish within the qualifying period.
  • Players may compete with ANY VR headset on which Pro Putt is currently supported.
    • Please see your relevant storefront to ensure your headset/machine meets the minimum hardware requirements for Pro Putt.
  • Using glitches, exploits, and other methods such as pause abusing may result in disqualification.
  • VAL reserves all right to ask for a photo, video, screenshot, and, or other proof of scores before winners are determined at home as well as implement any other anti-cheat methods. Recording your results via video and/or screenshots is thus highly recommended, however not mandatory as a potential requirement noticed to both players and arcades if VAL issues video recording rules, or requires it of competitors who place, then all videos must display both the player as well as the screen showing the FPV of the game (Pro Putt).

Score Submission

  • All scores for the tournament will be automatically collected and qualifying individuals will be notified by the Pro Putt developers as to their position in the top 16.


Tie Breaker Rules

  • Tiebreakers will be determined by most feet of putts during Stroke Play Rounds (i.e. the qualifiers). Match Play tiebreakers will be played on additional holes after a tie is presented on the ninth hole.

Grand Finals: September 3rd, 4th or 5th (TBD), 2020

Finalists’ Winnings

The Grand Finals Prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st Prize: USD 3000.
  • 2nd Prize: USD 1250.
  • 3rd Prize: USD 500.
  • 4th Prize: USD 250.


Code of Conduct

  • VAL reserves the right to disciplinary action for special cases that fall outside the competitive rules and code of conduct. Should circumstances call for it, VAL can circumvent the rules if it is to ensure a fair and safe play environment.
  • VAL reserves the right to revoke records, strip previous achievements, bar future participation, forfeit prizes and other measures should an offense, or a pattern of offense, warrant it. Although VAL will create a redemption guideline for offenders to redeem themselves if verification is provided that they have fulfilled said guidelines for the specified length of time.
  • Any participant displaying any type of cyber, verbal, sexual, gender, racial, disability, physical, religious, age, appearance, or emotional abuse will be disqualified. This especially includes abuse directed at Esports competitors, VAL staff, viewers, press, sponsors, and other participants.
  • Any participant acting maliciously, inappropriate, or otherwise unsportsmanlike behavior will be reprimanded and possibly disqualified. This includes extreme statements, violent threats, sexual harassment, extreme insults, and inappropriate references.
  • Abuse and unsportsmanlike behavior will include but is not limited to in-game and out of game actions, as well as occurrences outside and related to the competition. This includes in-game chat, social media, comments, gestures, emotes, and other communication mediums. Any encouragement or endorsement of this behavior will also invoke disciplinary action.
  • Out of competitive wrongful behavior includes but is not limited to stalking, intimidation, spamming, doxxing, provoking, and inciting disruption both online and in real life.
  • Unsolicited sexual action, including sexual comments, uncalled for flirting, and other sexual or romantic advances, jokes, and taunting will also not be tolerated. 

Cheating, Bug, and Exploit Policy 

  • If a participant feels like another participant is cheating, exploiting, or manipulating the rules, this infringement must be brought to the attention of the Virtual Athletics League Admins immediately. All forms of cheating may result in revoked prizes and a future ban from VAL events.
  • The accusation is then put into a review process, where league officials will determine a cause of action. 
  • VAL will work with developers on special cases
  • Cheating and other exploits including but not limited to the following: deception, bug exploitation, banned game mechanics, match-fixing, betting fraud, doping, and other forms of competition manipulation are strictly prohibited.
  • Deceptive behavior towards admins, players, and other relevant parties will not be tolerated. Deception includes inaccurate, falsified, or omitted data statements or other forms of misinformation.
  • Cheating and the distribution of cheats are also banned in VAL Tournaments. This includes programs, hacks, or other methods to tamper with, circumvent or modify the game or competition. Referencing cheats may also result in penalties.
  • Match-fixing, betting fraud, and any other attempts to improperly influence the outcome of a game, or match result will be met with a reprimand.
  • Doping in any form is forbidden. Any participants with prescribed medication that may be considered “performance-enhancing” must send proof of prescription.
  • Competition manipulation and bribery, either through a referee, organizer, host, VAL admin, or any other person of influence will also be subject to a reprimand. 
  • For game bugs that affect gameplay or the competition, players can re-play and re-submit scores as long as it’s within the original deadline.

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